creative planning & Media agency

Special Markets Managers often find themselves too busy servicing current accounts, going to trade shows, meeting with new clients and have no time to plan marketing or sales campaigns. The executives you report to have high expectations for demonstrating an unambiguous connection between “marketing investment” and “sales yield” — with draconian results for the failure to establish that connection. Yet a successful media program has never been that easy; it requires just as much– if not more–analysis, strategy and nimble execution as any other marketing discipline.

And that’s right where ALYCENT comes in. By doing media planning right, we give clients the confidence to know that their media buys aren’t merely “spends,” but rather measurable investments. And that true partnership will be the basis of every collaboration. By relying on our on our rich, battle-tested experience and our acute interest in emerging technologies, we help our clients meet their most pressing mandate: to do more with less, do it faster, and prove that it worked. 

The end result? Clients that can stand firm–and even take smart risks–in the face of persistent uncertainty, executive pressure and breakneck industry change.

Media planning and buying is no longer a phrase that just relates to online advertising, instead, it is all inclusive of today’s media buying experience. Long gone are the days of “set it and forget it”, now we have to plan nimbly and buy media programmatically, while optimizing constantly. Regardless of the medium (online, e-mail, social, print, etc.), there are essentially three core media buying tactics that we focus on:

Direct Media Relationships

Media planning and media buying require constant communication with publications, websites and broadcast partners. 

All inclusive Media Buying

We purchase media inventory, plan, create and execute. We work with industry publishers that guarantees premier space and less than what you would've paid on your own.  

Social Media 

We provide all the elements of a winning social media campaigns. Whether you’re running ads or promoted posts, or just using social to engage with and educate your buyer community, we can help you successfully utilize social media channels to help accomplish your marketing goals. From social media plans, to organic and curated content strategies, to hyper-targeted ads and promoted posts.

Search Marketing

Although search engine marketing and paid search is seen as a complimentary player to most marketing, we look at it as a standalone form of media buying. It’s one of the few vehicles that can test creative, find audiences, identify trends, measure brand and ultimately help you sell more – therefore, it’s very important to always be looking for a media buyer who ultimately understands how media buys are influencing search results.